The Filling Station of Life

I hope you've had an amazing week!  It's Friday and I'm wondering if you are filling "full" or "empty"?  

Yes, this is a subject as a coach, trainer, and speaker I talk about a lot with you.  Because it is SOOOOO important to your success in all areas of your life.

If you watch my online training on social media channels (for zero dollars), you might have caught me challenging you at the beginning of May to "fill yourself up" for at least 5 minutes every day for 30 days.  If you heard it, did you do it?  If you didn't hear it, can you reflect back on May and ask how many days did you INPUT some good stuff?

Good stuff meaning podcasts, videos, books, online courses, music, a spiritual community.... anything that fills you up from the inside out in a truly positive and uplifting way.  In today's world, it is so readily available - at no cost, at a small cost, or at larger investments, depending on what you're looking for.

So much has changed since I was in "school".... as I'm guessing it has for you.

Can I share with you a personal example of how much the landscape of education has changed?

Since my Dad passed away in October of last year, I spent quite a bit of time in my old family home back in Florida going through years and years of things he had collected and kept.  Much of which were personal items of mine from my grade school, middle school, and high school years.

When I first moved to California when I was only 21 (a lifetime ago now), I flew out and just brought a couple of suitcases.  My mom shipped me a few pots and pans and dishes LOL, and that was about it.

So things like all of my yearbooks from school were still back in Florida in my Dad's house.  What a flashback of emotions, good and bad, this process has been!

Okay I digressed slightly...

Back to "Filling Up"...

In my Junior Year of High School (1990 - 91), the theme of our High School yearbook was "The Filling Station".  I have NO idea why.  I think the faculty member who was overseeing the yearbook and journalism class was really trying to be modern.  (GO HIM!) 

For example, instead of the cover of the yearbook being the same Red, Black, or Gold that is had been for decades -- that year is was a deep grey with an old fashion gas station pump icon on the front!  Along with the words "The Filling Station". 

You may think this in minor... but let's just take a look at few things...

Side notes:

  • My High School at that time was comprised of less than 1000 students.

  • My High School was the ONLY public HS for the entire COUNTY.

  • The county itself had about 20,000 residents at the time.  The entire county.  So just imagine a small southern "town" that was actually an entire county in landmass, and yet the trees far outnumbered the people.  BY A LOT! 

  • I'd be willing to bet that every cover of the yearbook since 1991 has been a black, red, gold, and/or white combination!

OK, so now that you have that image in mind.... let's continue!  

Picture the yearbook...  As you open it up, on the first 2-page spread, you see the typical candid photos of students from all over campus.  Students in the cafeteria, outside at practices, by their lockers, etc.

And in the right hand column of that first 2-page spread is the opening essay to welcome all readers to the theme of the yearbook... "The Filling Station"

Here's the essay: 

“This year’s theme, “The Filling Station”, compares cars and gas to students and education. All cars need gas to operate. Just as people need an education. But it’s a lot more complex and detailed than that. A car doesn’t just need gas. Although it’s important, it takes a lot more to make the car run properly. Oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and a variety of other things are also needed.

As a student, you need a good education. But that includes many subjects, such as Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. It’s not just one specific item. It is a combination of many different things that prepares you to go on in life.

On a car, you can add many different kinds of extras. An awesome radio, sunroof, and all kind of electronic gadgets that make the car even better. In school, you can also have the extras. Sports of all kinds, and many clubs make a school a better and more enjoyable place to be. And, unlike the extras on a car, most of these are very inexpensive, if not free.

A car goes to a filling station to get these different items, as do students. They go to school to get all the necessities and maybe, even a few extras. So, we can say school is a Filling Station that has to prepare you for a lifetime. So fill up and get as much as you can to be successful in your future.”

How is THAT for a 250 word essay?  LOL

And who was that brilliant 16 year old author?  Oh yes my Friend.  That was Allllll  Me.  

Oh yeah baby!  Yours truly!  

I was in Journalism Class and loved to write.  But I have NO IDEA honestly, how that essay got chosen.  If it was the best there was, that's kind of sad!  Yet I'm still very proud to have been chosen.

Because... I knew nothing about cars, obviously!  Yet I really did value education very much, even though I really didn't like high school and found it to be boring for the most part.  

However, what I know to be true now, and even way back then as a teenager, is that education is so valuable.  

It's priceless.  

And yet... the definition of priceless has changed.  And I am so grateful and happy about that! 

As valuable as "formal" education, high school, college, and beyond are, the landscape has changed.

This perspective comes from me, the child of an educator (my dad was a teacher), and from me, the adult, who has 6 years of higher education in the form of a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (with minors in Philosophy and Sociology) and Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology.

I value the time I spent in school -- very much.  

It taught me so much.  About discipline, working with others, being in strange environments, etc.  Not to mention, moving across the country as a 21 year old kid who had never really been out of the South.

Oh, and the educational portion itself was good too.  No one can take it away from me.  And I am grateful.

Yet, there's always more than one way to look at things.

Another perspective is... gosh darn did it get expensive.  And it really wasn't transferrable to the "real world" as far as getting a job or starting a business.

Instead... what was more impactful in my own journey has been:  

  • Learning so much more by reading books on personal growth, spirituality, business, leadership, teams, mindset, and beyond.

  • Learning so much more by going to seminars and immersing myself with leaders, experts, and a community of people who wanted to support each other in growth.

  • Learning so much more by investing in online courses, coaches, trainers, and one on one mentors.

  • Learning so much more by listening to podcasts, watching videos across all social media channels, from Facebook, to Instagram, to YouTube.

  • Learning so much more by being part of in-person and online Masterminds (or accountability groups) of like-minded people.

My heart and soul loves education!  In ALL forms!!!!

I will always support formal education and fight to keep it affordable for teens and young adults because I do believe it provides great life experiences and learning experiences.   (Meaning I'll support it for those who want that to be part of their path.  It's NOT the path for everyone!)

However, I am beyond thrilled at how the "instant gratification" of the Internet has not JUST provided us with entertainment.  

It has provided a global opportunity for online education, training, coaching, masterminding, and community in "non-traditional" ways for anyone who has the desire to learn and grow and be more.

So, my friend, please invest in yourself in whatever method resonates with you.

And PLEASE SHARE WITH ME what modality or way you enjoy learning the most, as well as what topics you want to grow more in. 

So!  Let's Wrap up the educational thought for today and get moving!  

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Just remember, keep putting the GOOD STUFF IN!  

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Make is an amazing weekend and week my friend!

With gratitude and love,
Brenda 💛


Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
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