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You did it!   It’s FRIDAY!!   Woo-Hoo!!

Is that ⬆️ the feeling that is most pervasive for you on most Fridays? 

It is a feeling that I can completely understand and used to feel all the time. Similarly I can also understand the opposite feeling that many people experience on Mondays… “UGH!!”

And yet they aren’t all that opposite at all… They are actually very similar indeed.

HUH??? 🤪

Most of why we feel either of those emotions is because of how we are thinking about what we have to do, or where we have to go. It’s the verbal filter we are using to frame our experiences. How we are thinking about those things that lie ahead of us that we either look forward to or we dread completely.

In this week’s love letter from me to you (this email), I want to empower you with a very small, yet very powerful “Jedi mind-trick” that can change your life — forever.  ❤️

I call it “How to Flip the Script”

Let’s back up and think about a person’s typical “script” in their own mind on a Friday (if that person works Monday - Friday with weekends off). Or this may be the script if you are a business owner and have worked 15 days in a row and are finally taking a day off tomorrow (regardless of what day of the week it is).

Here are some of the possible famous lines that get repeated over and over:  😄

  • “I get to sleep in tomorrow!”
  • “I can’t wait until tonight, I get to relax without thinking about going to work tomorrow.”
  • “Thank goodness it’s Friday. Now I get to forget about work for 2 whole days.”
  • “I get to curl up with a cup of coffee tomorrow morning and just relax.”

Do you notice any patterns?

Now let’s take a look at a “Monday morning script” - or any morning where you have tasks ahead that may not be the most exciting to you. Or tasks, routines, meetings, or commitments that you are actually dreading.

Some of the famous lines may be: 🤬

  • “I have to go to work today.”
  • “My customers expect this, so I have to write the newsletter this week.”
  • “I have to pick my kids up from school on top of everything else I have to do today.”
  • “To reach my health goals, I have to work out and walk 5 miles today.”

What do you notice? Do you see any patterns that are similar in each script? What is the biggest difference?

It’s ONE little word. One word that gets switched from Script 1 to Script 2. One teeny, weeny, little word.

I get to
I have to

Shifting from that little 3-letter word, to that little 4-letter word, makes ALL the difference in the world.  🤯

You may say, Brenda, it really can’t be that easy.  

And I’m here to tell you, that Flipping the Script is not “easy” at all. Yet it’s very doable and very powerful!  It WILL change how you feel about anything in your path when you make this shift.

So let’s look at how YOU can “Flip Your Script” so that you become empowered in your day instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances, who is dreading the things that you “feel” you can’t control.

You may not be able to change the event itself, but you can absolutely change how you feel about it and thus you will change the energy surrounding it and the experience you have.  💥

This is the “Flip Your Script” challenge that I’d like to invite you to do every day for the next seven days.


  1. For one day: just observe your thought pattern when you are anticipating or thinking about an upcoming activity.
  2. Ask yourself:
    • Are you looking forward to it?  Or are you dreading it?
      • What are your recurring thoughts in each situation?


  1. When it is something you are NOT looking forward to, immediately FLIP THE SCRIPT from “I have to” to “I get to”.
  2. Repeat it in your mind a few times to lock it in.
  3. If you’re alone, say it out loud!

Examples:  🧐

  • I GET TO go to work today.
  • I GET TO write this newsletter for my customers.
  • I GET TO pick up my kids from school today.
  • I GET TO work out today.

Can you feel how this immediately creates a feeling of gratitude somehow? 💓

**How blessed are you that you have a job to go to!
**How awesome is it that you have a business where you get to write a creative newsletter!
**How amazing is it that you have the opportunity to spend a few minutes with your kids in the car right after they get out of school!
**How blessed are you that you have the physical capability to work out today!

I encourage you to take this challenge for one week. See how it impacts your thoughts, your feelings, and your perspective each day, with each thing you GET to do. Have fun with it! Make it an experiment of your mind!

Then email me and tell me how it went! 🤩

Did you find it easy? What about it was challenging? Did it shift anything for you? Was your week more enjoyable? Send me a one-line email and tell me your experience!

If there anything else I can do to support you this week, please also hit reply and let me know.

You GET TO have an amazing day and week at any time!! 💥🔥

I believe in your ability to make it so!!

With gratitude and love,
Brenda 💛


Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life

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