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In the Beginning...

In the Beginning… there were the F-Words

What the "F" are The F Words of Life?

I have always been a seeker of knowledge, as well as a simple way to translate that knowledge into applications, tools, or other frameworks that can help me grow in a tangible way. How do we get more success and abundance in EVERY area of life? What are those areas of life?

I have gotten a formal education and have my Masters in Cognitive Psychology.  I have my Amazon education, in that I have read 100's of books on Personal Growth, Success, Spirituality, Productivity, Mindset  -- from the classic writings to the currents brilliant minds and thinkers.  Some of my favorite writers and teachers from the my last few decades of reading:  Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gary Zukav, Debbie Ford, M. Scott Peck, Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Paulo Coelho, Virginia Woolf, Shad Hemstetter, George S Clason, don Miguel Ruiz, Carol Dweck, Ernest Holmes, Brendon Burchard, and Dr. Brian Weiss.  Just to name a FEW!  

Through the darkest of times in my life, these have been my virtual guides the past two and a half decades of my life.  Through the best times of my life, they continue to be my guides and I keep searching for more.  Online articles and blogs.  Online courses.  Live seminars.  Yes, I am a student of human growth, mindset, productivity, and ultimately the fulfillment of our purpose.  I will always be a student!

As I was journaling one day in May 2016… I started to define the areas of my own life that were important. I was reflecting on my life and where I wanted to go next.  In no particular order, these "buckets" of life  started to pour out: fitness, finances, faith, family/friends….. hmmm… what else?

Fulfillment, freedom, and of course, none of that is possible without taking care of me FIRST - that must be the Fundamentals of it all.

And then, with any level of success, comes the most dreaded F-word of all:  Failure.

And thus, The F-Words of Life were born!  I sat there looking at it, amazed at how simple and yet powerful this framework for life could really be.  And then as I started marinating on it every day, I become consumed with how to get this framework for leveling up one's life to anyone who was a Seeker like me.  So here we are today!

My goal is to create a place with The F Words of Life where you can find tips, training, tools, and a tribe of like-minded people, so that you can become even more YOU and live the life you were meant to live.

Welcome my friend.  The FUN has just begun!


Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life


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