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The Filling Station of Life

I hope you've had an amazing week!  It's Friday and I'm wondering if you are filling "full" or "empty"?  

Yes, this is a subject as a coach, trainer, and speaker I talk about a lot with you.  Because it is SOOOOO important to your success in all areas of your life.

If you watch my online training on social media channels (for zero dollars), you might have caught me challenging you at the beginning of May to "fill yourself up" for at least 5 minutes every day for 30 days.  If you heard it, did you do it?  If you didn't hear it, can you reflect back on May and ask how many days did you INPUT some good stuff?

Good stuff meaning podcasts, videos, books, online courses, music, a spiritual community.... anything that fills you up from the inside out in a truly positive and uplifting way.  In today's world, it is so readily available - at no cost, at a small cost, or at larger investments, depending on what you're looking for.

So much has changed since I was...

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Freedom: F-Word #7


/ˈfrēdəm/ noun the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint

Freedom. What a sweet melodic sound to my ears…. freeeeeedom.

Freedom includes all the things that come to your mind when you think of Freedom in your life. This can be related to finances, to travel, to a free and clear home, to a vacation home or two, to spending unlimited time with those you love, to first-class travel, to abundant resources to help others, to any adventures you wish to experience in your life. In some way, it is the celebration and joy of all of the hard work, set backs, learning lessons, and Failures we experience daily, weekly, and consistently as we grow as humans and as spiritual beings.

Freedom I have found is very personal to each individual. Your goals in Freedom are also going to depend on where you are in your life. So let’s use the brilliant Framework of the late Zig Ziglar of the 4 modes of life: Survival, Stability, Success, and...

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