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/fin-ger-print/ noun an impression or mark made on a surface by a person's finger

Have you ever really stopped to contemplate the complexity of your own fingerprint? There is nothing like it that exists anywhere else in the world. There are over 7 billion people currently on the planet, and not one other person has your same fingerprint. Not even if you have an identical twin. You still each have your very own fingerprint. How is it possible to have what seems like an infinite combination of simple a pattern of lines, on such a SMALL surface?

Let's take it another step... you have 10 digits that each have their own individualized fingerprint. So now we are talking about 10 times 7 billion different and unique fingerprints currently on the planet. That doesn't account for all that have come before us, and all who are yet to come. Truly, how is this possible?

Why is this an important F-Word when it comes to the Foundation of who You are? Because it is proof, yes proof, to me that each one of us really is unique and one of a kind. And that means that we each also have a unique purpose we are here to experience and to share in this human experience we are having.

You may be thinking there is nothing unique about you. But we have already proven that to be a self-created belief, because just by reflecting on your Fingerprint, we show that the very core Foundation of your physical make-up is unique only to you. That is just the Foundational starting point.

There are many other unique and beautiful qualities you have, when you start to look for them. The first step is to begin to identify them. Even if you don't fully believe them. Just start to look for them. What are you naturally good at? What do other people compliment you on? When you are quiet and all alone, what do you really like about yourself that maybe you haven't fully admitted to yourself?

Others may have similar gifts, talents, or qualities, yet they are not yours. Yours will always be a unique to you. Their's will always have a slightly different flavor or shade to the characteristic that makes their gifts unique to them and vice versa.

The next step will be to start embracing those amazing and unique qualities, that are yours and yours alone. This can be challenging and why affirmations and being intentional with re-programming your neural wiring is so critical. It may seem silly, or untrue, as you say your affirmations out loud. Yet done with consistency, over time, it is one of the most powerful tools we have to fully live the life we are mean to live. Just start!

The whole of you truly is as unique and special as your fingerprints. Let them serve as a daily reminder that you were created with Purpose by the Universe, to be exactly who you are and to embrace your "you-ness" and live the life of your dreams.



Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life


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