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Finances: F-Word #5


/fī-nans/ noun money or other liquid resources; the science or study of the management of funds; the obtaining of funds or capital

Ah..... Finances! Let's talk about MONEY!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Finances and money? Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it connected to hope and knowing you can amass your financial wealth beyond your wildest imagination? Or is it like the majority of people and attached to fear, hopelessness, anger, and resentment?

Is money simply energy that is infinitely abundant and a means to help others, including yourself? Or is money the root of all evil?

If you are less than satisfied with your financial status, we must start with your Money Mindset FIRST before we begin with your bank account.

I’ve already asked you a series of questions to reflect on. So if you haven’t already, grab a pen and paper and answer a few more questions:

  • What do I believe about money?
  • What was I told to believe...
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