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Thoughts on Fathers

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to ALL the fathers out there: dads, stepdads, uncles or friends who chose to step into that role in someone’s life, bonus dads, adoptive dads, gay dads, and even you moms out there who play the dual role of both momma and daddy.  You are appreciated.

To those of you that may struggle with Father’s Day... those who have lost your dad or those who don’t have the type of dad that deserves celebration, you are in my heart and prayers this weekend.

This is my first Father’s Day since losing my dad last October.  Reality is... it sucks.  However I am going to choose to find the good in it by remembering my Dad and all of the lessons he taught me - verbally and mostly non-verbally.

And that is my wish for you today.  Find the good and hold onto it.  If you have a great dad, celebrate him and be sure to give him a hug - literally or virtually.

If this day is a sad one for you, hold on to the...

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