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/fīn/ adverb so-so; adequate; satisfactory

Have you ever had this conversation:

     "Hi my friend. How are you? How's work going?"
     "I'm alright. Work is fine. And you?"

What do you feel when reading the word "fine" in the response above? How do you feel when you tell someone you are "fine"? Do you mean, "I feel as excellent as a beautiful expensive FINE bottle of wine"? Or do you mean, "I feel fine, okay, so-so, borderline crappy and just getting by"?

Think about your current job, career, or business. Evaluate your level of Fulfillment now on a scale of 1 to 10 - where 10 equals ultimate Fulfillment and 1 equals shear misery. Write that number down in your journal.

This most dangerous score is a mediocre score between 4 and 6 because that means you are in the "FINE zone". That means you are not uncomfortable enough to make a change, like when you absolutely hate what you're doing, or are just surviving, willing to do anything it takes to make...

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