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Flip the Script - Part 2

I hope you had a Fantastic Week!  Last Friday's F-Word blog was about how you can "Flip the Script" on your day, or any moment, by simply changing ONE word in how you approach the activities of your life.

We went from:  "I have to"
To:  "I get to"

Shifting from that little 4-letter word, to that little 3-letter word, makes ALL the difference in the world.  

This week, we are going to add many more lines to your daily script so your life's movie is Oscar worthy!  

By Flipping your Script and using Visualization, you can build one of the top skills that the most successful people on the planet use every day!  From Olympic athletes to billionaires... they all have this practice in common!

On one of my live broadcasts this week, I shared specifically how YOU can build this practice in great detail.  And why scientifically it can work for anyone - like you!  So I want to invite you to watch that training now... for free!...

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You did it!   It’s FRIDAY!!   Woo-Hoo!!

Is that  the feeling that is most pervasive for you on most Fridays? 

It is a feeling that I can completely understand and used to feel all the time. Similarly I can also understand the opposite feeling that many people experience on Mondays… “UGH!!”

And yet they aren’t all that opposite at all… They are actually very similar indeed.


Most of why we feel either of those emotions is because of how we are thinking about what we have to do, or where we have to go. It’s the verbal filter we are using to frame our experiences. How we are thinking about those things that lie ahead of us that we either look forward to or we dread completely.

In this week’s love letter from me to you (this email), I want to empower you with a very small, yet very powerful “Jedi mind-trick” that can change your life — forever.  

I call it “How to Flip the...

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Fundamentals: The First F-Word of Life


/ˌfəndəˈmen(t)əls/ noun serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function

The First of The F Words of Life is often the most overlooked in our busy, instant gratification, social media centered world. And yet as you read the definition above, it is absolutely the critical starting point in achieving or experiencing anything else in your life at the highest levels.

So let's dive in... what do the Fundamentals consist of? At the heart of it, they are the things you do daily and weekly that feed your mental and emotional health. We call this self-care or self-love. Ask yourself this, how are you filling yourself up, so that you might live your fullest potential, as well as be of service to others?

The Fundamentals show up in the components of some of the other main F Words of Life. For example, your Faith and your Fitness (overall health) are absolutely critical to the Fundamentals of your life. But right now, I'm just talking about the...

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