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You did it!   It’s FRIDAY!!   Woo-Hoo!!

Is that  the feeling that is most pervasive for you on most Fridays? 

It is a feeling that I can completely understand and used to feel all the time. Similarly I can also understand the opposite feeling that many people experience on Mondays… “UGH!!”

And yet they aren’t all that opposite at all… They are actually very similar indeed.


Most of why we feel either of those emotions is because of how we are thinking about what we have to do, or where we have to go. It’s the verbal filter we are using to frame our experiences. How we are thinking about those things that lie ahead of us that we either look forward to or we dread completely.

In this week’s love letter from me to you (this email), I want to empower you with a very small, yet very powerful “Jedi mind-trick” that can change your life — forever.  

I call it “How to Flip the...

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What the FRICK?!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “what the frick?!”  Specifically on where a span of time has gone in light-speed fashion?

Well that’s what I’ve been asking myself the past couple of weeks… “What the frick Brenda?!  How did the past 6 months go by so quickly?!?“

As some of you may know, 6 months ago my Dad passed away unexpectedly.  He was 79 years old and lived across the country from me, 3000 miles away in Florida.  He was my first athletic coach and my last living parent.

The past 6 months have been two completely opposite experiences…

1. A whirlwind of activity, travel, to-do’s, logistics, etc.

And on the other end of the spectrum…

2. The feeling like I’m stuck in a quagmire of emotional molasses with an overwhelming sense of loss.

A sense of loss that goes beyond just the passing of my Dad.  An overwhelming sense of loss that encompassed that and much more, and...

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The One Key to Your Successes... and Your Failures!


Dear Friends,

There is one key to your Successes.  And it's the same key that leads to your "failures" or a life that is less than extraordinary.

The above video I did for my personal Friends and Family on Facebook Live.  And I wanted to share it with you today so that you too can begin to raise the vibration on all you do and all you can become.



Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life


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/frəˈstrāSH(ə)n/ noun  the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Have you ever felt the feeling of being upset or annoyed that you didn't have the ability to change, or especially achieve, one of your Fitness goals? That level of Frustration where you are actually so sick and tired of the negativity of the voices of "committee" in your head? To the point that somehow flipped the script and you actually utilized that Frustration as Fuel to take action?

I know I have!

Frustration is not inherently good or bad. It's all about how you use it as a tool in your growth toolbox. It is simply an indicator of something being "off" or not where you want it to be. So we can use it as a barometer check and then set our course to move forward in a direction that leads us to small successes instead of more Frustration.

So let's take the F-Word of Fitness and apply this concept.

Fitness, at it's CORE, consists of 3...

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/ˈfālyər/ noun lack of success

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” - Winston Churchill

Which is worse?

Failing flat on your face because you took a risk on something you were passionate about…. Or never ever failing at anything because you never take action on something that may be risky or new?

Failure is a necessary part of Success. There is just no way around it. If you are going to grow, stretch, experience newness, or expand your Fulfillment in ANY area of your life, Failure WILL be part of the equation.

How is that for positive and encouraging motivation?? :)

The fascinating part of accepting Failure as a necessary part of your path to success is that it Frees you! Failure can be reframed from being a disaster to being something that is celebrated.

Have you ever watched a child learning how to walk?

Picture that little champ pulling herself up and standing for the first time. The look of awe on her own face as...

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