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/fist/ noun the hand closed tightly, with the fingers doubled into the palm

Have you ever watched a kid try to hold a whole lot of something in their tiny little hand? What is the first instinct, so as not to lose the precious possession? Be it a handful of candy from a big candy bowl they just fished in. Or a handful of sand of the beach while building the next sandcastle masterpiece.

The ego that is running the OS at that time, wants to hold on to that precious possession more than anything in the world. So that kid, grabs on tight, with all of it's might. Which creates the paradox... the tighter we try to hang on, the stronger our fingers grasps and form that almighty fist, the more we lose in the process.

What does a closed, tight fist have to do with you living the ultimate Truth of your Life? Write down your initial thoughts in your journal or on a notepad.

Now, let's apply this to the people, feelings, or experiences you want more of, more than anything. If our tendency is to be that child, then we will grip our metaphorical fingers into the tightest fist possible, so as not to leak or lose that which we most desire.

However, this action has the opposite effect on our desired result. We end up losing more than we could ever hold. So how do we then "hold on" to those precious things we wish to hold most of all?

We must choose to release the fist and instead open our palms fully, Trust the Universe's ability to provide all we desire (and more), and receive more Abundance than we could ever imagine. The space that your open palm creates is Infinite in capacity. Infinite.

Your closed fist, even if the intention is intended as pure, has a very finite capacity. It can not receive more of what the Universe so strongly wishes to deliver. There is no space. Zero.

So by strangling the very thing we held so dear... the Universe can only simply replace it once more, while we rant, with both our fists clenched tightly, "See, the Universe never gives me what I want." Meanwhile, we are the very thing preventing the Abundance that is our Birthright.

We must open our clenched, fearful fists and live Life with open palms. Receiving all the Gifts and Treasures that the Universe has waiting for us, as soon as we simply open our hands, and hearts, to receive.

Reflective Questions:

  • Where in my life do I try to "hold on" with a tightly clenched fists to that which I fear losing most?
  • How can I begin to open my closed fists mindset around that fear?
  • What 3 steps can I take to live a life with an "open palms" mentality? 



Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life


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