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FWORDS RESET Recap and New Free Tool!

It's been such a crazy week for me!  I'm sure you know the feeling!  It was like no matter what I did, I just felt OFF TRACK every day!  The craziest part is, this was the week that I taught 4 days in a row on how to establish consistent habits that lead you to fulfill the best version of yourself.

How is that for irony? 🥴

I think the Universe has such a great sense of humor!  Sometimes all we can do is laugh, remind ourselves that we are human, and focus on getting back on track and re-starting a positive streak of momentum.

If you have been participating in the free four-week FWORDS RESET Experience, I want to thank you and congratulate you!  Whether you've watched the training live or on a replay, whether you've watched one video or have completed all four-weeks, the key is you took time out of your day to work on YOU!  To gain insights, motivation, and tools to live your highest and best life!  And for that, I am proud of you! 🥰

We are finishing week #4 of the 4-week training and the "official" FWORDS RESET experience will be coming to a conclusion.  However, the daily training videos are available to you, 24/7 at  So please feel free to go back and watch them at your convenience.  It's a four-week process that builds from where you are right now, to where you want to go, to how to actually get there. 

As I said this week's focus was all about habits and actions and HOW to take action to become the highest version of yourself.  So I wanted to share a few of my big take-aways and highlights!  (Yes, even though I'm the one doing the training, I still learn so much along the way!)

Top 10 Highlights of Building Positive Habits & Consistent Rituals:

  1. Success is a result of daily habits
  2. Focus on your current trajectory rather than your current results
  3. Daily choices COMPOUND over time
  4. Your work is never being wasted, it's just being stored until the moment you breakthrough the plateaus that are a necessary part of growth
  5. Identity-based habits are based on who you want to become and the most powerful way to create new habits
  6. Don't blindly follow old beliefs that you adopted who knows when or why
  7. You must upgrade your identity to upgrade your habits
  8. You become your habits
  9. Two systems for creating new habits: time based and habit stacking
  10. Tracking your progress creates motivation, momentum and consistency

If you are curious and want to dive deeper into any of the above highlights, schedule time to watch the replays of the live trainings from this past week! 🤓

Also, I am always looking to find new ways to support you on your journey.  Take-away #10 above is about tracking your progress, so.... 

As a BONUS for you this week, I created a free tool that YOU can use for staying on track with your habits and rituals!! 🥳

Just click the button below to download a one-page, month-long HABIT TRACKER sheet:

"Habit Tracker Tool"

If you want details on how to use this Habit Tracking Tool, watch this quick 15-minute training video here: TRACK IT Training

Thank you again for watching The F Words of Life's live broadcasts (or the replays) on social media.  I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to work on YOURSELF.  And I am truly honoured to be part of your journey of growth and success. 

**Social Media Request #1:
When you are watching the videos on social media, say HELLO in the comments!!!  I love knowing that you popped in and took a minute for yourself!  So say hi and give me a "thumbs up" -- whether it's while I'm live, or anytime you take a moment to watch the replays!!!  It's nice to know I'm not just sitting in a room talking to myself!!!!!  🤪

Finally, based on your feedback, I will be slightly changing up how I go live on social media as we go forward so I can continue to support you!  

This past month was intentionally a four-week IMMERSION that included daily training anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes in length.  As we go through the month of May, I will do a couple of live trainings of that length each week.  And on the other days, I will bring you truly bite-size food for thought in the form of inspiration, motivation, or a tip of the day.

**Social Media Request #2:
Be sure to turn on your LIVE NOTIFICATIONS for The F Words of Life in your social media app!  That way you know there's a new video to watch, as the times will vary from day to day and I don't want you to miss out on anything! 😍

And lastly, please know that your feedback is so appreciated.  So always feel free to hit REPLY to this email and share your thoughts, questions, and/or feedback directly with me.  

Now get moving on those habits!!  Download the Tracker, watch the Training, and make this life the life you were meant to live!

Have a truly blessed F-Word Friday!

With gratitude and love,
Brenda 💛


Brenda F Reynolds
Founder & Owner
The F Words of Life

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